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Manatee Odyssey of the Mind

2024 Regional Tournament

"Let your Creativity SHINE!"


Saturday, February 24th, 2024

Beachside High School

200 Great Barracuda Way

St. Johns, FL 32259

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Odie’s Oddities: See what exciting things Odie, our resident Manatee, has for sale in the ADMIN BUILDING.  He has everything you need to show your love for Odyssey from shirts and pins to vinyl decals and silly hats.  Make sure to get your 2024 State shirts and pins early before we sell out! Regional pins may be preordered too. Cash, checks, and cards are accepted, although cash is preferred. All fundraising benefits the Odyssey of the Mind program!


OMERfest:  All our guests are welcome to come have fun with games, puzzles, and more at OMERfest. Please help us out by making sure children are supervised by an adult at all times.  Stop at the food trucks between fun and games and enjoy lunch in the shade! 


CAKE WALK:  Each team will receive tickets to vote for their favorite cake with their registration packet. Additional tickets to vote and/or participate in the Walk to win a cake will be sold for $1 throughout the day. Voting ends at noon, and there will be two cake walks to help make sure more of our OMers can participate.


AWARDS: The ceremony will start at approximately 5:00 in the Gym. Teams should gather with their memberships and line up in the courtyard at 4:30. Ribbons, medals, and Omer awards will be distributed… We may even have a Ranatra Fusca!  You will definitely want to stick around for this one.


CAMPUS:  Please show respect to the campus by only staying in designated areas and picking up after yourselves.  Also be sure to thank the custodial staff!

What is Odyssey of the Mind?


Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving program founded in 1978 by Dr. Sam Micklus, Professor Emeritus, Glassboro State College, New Jersey.  Today, hundreds of thousands of students in all fifty states and over thirty countries participate annually.


Creative Problem-Solving

Under the guidance of a coach, Teams pool their diverse talents to find innovative solutions to the annual long-term problems.  Problems may involve building mechanical devices such as spring-driven cars or portrayals of classical literature.


Outside Assistance

One of the main focuses of OM is that Team solutions must be the work of the Team members, and only the Team members.  Help from individuals other than those on the Team is termed Outside Assistance (OA) and is penalized.  Everything teams present in their solutions is their concepts, their designs, their work, their performance, and their score. The Team is responsible for what they do, NOT the coach.  The coach is there to guide their team by asking the right questions.  OM is a Hands-On Program for Kids, but a Hands-Off Program for Adults.



A school or community organization may purchase a national membership. The membership will allow the school to field one team in each long-term problem for each division the school covers. The exception to this rule is the primary division (K-2) in which a membership can field multiple teams. Most elementary schools are Division I, middle schools are Division II, and high schools are Division III.



Primary Grades K through 2 (Non-competitive)

Division I Grades 3 through 5

Division II Grades 6 through 8

Division III Grades 9 through 12

Division IV Collegiate


We will post important updates or messages for coaches here throughout the day.




The Ranatra represents the essence of Odyssey of the Mind. This high honor is presented to teams or individuals who exhibit exceptional creativity, either through some aspect of their problem solution or an extraordinary idea beyond the problem solution. A successful problem solution is not a criterion for winning the award; rather, the award is a way to acknowledge and encourage creative thinking and risk-taking.


This award is named for the Odyssey of the Mind raccoon mascot, OMER, in recognition of individuals or teams who demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship, exemplary behavior, or exceptional talent. Recipients of this award may be coaches, team members, parents, officials or anyone else that tournament officials or directors feel exhibit these traits. This award is not intended to reward creativity.


Anyone may inform a tournament official of a possible OMER’s Award candidate. Visit the registration/information desk to complete a nomination form for consideration. All nominees are reviewed by a panel that determines the final recipients.

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We are a 5013(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by VOLUNTEERS! 

There are lots of ways to support today!


Thank you to our Food Trucks!  They will donate 10% of their sales today back to our region!

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CAKE WALK/RAFFLE TICKETS - $1 each or $10 for 12

Vote for your favorite cake in the cake walk or enter one of our cake walks with single tickets.

Enter to win a raffle item with double tickets.




LONG-TERM PROBLEMS Each team has been working for up to six months to solve their long-term problem. The team, and only the team, must create EVERYTHING that is used in the solution of their problem. This includes: costumes, props, scripts, and anything else that enhances their problem solution.


The Long-term portion of the competition is worth

200 of the 350 total points.


STYLE is how teams enhance and tie together the presentation of their Long Term solution. It is the WOW FACTOR!  This portion of the competition gives teams the opportunity to further showcase their talents and creativity while elaborating on their Long-term solutions. In addition to required style elements, each problem also has free choice categories determined by the team.


Style is part of the Long-term performance and is worth 50 of the 350 total points.


Unlike Long-term Problems, SPONTANEOUS problems are TOP SECRET and known only to our Spontaneous Officials. Teams have no idea what Problem they will be asked to solve until they enter the Spontaneous room. They may be required to respond verbally, actively, or both. Coaches or spectators are not allowed in the Spontaneous rooms.


The Spontaneous Score is worth

100 of the 350 total points. 


Since 1978, students around the globe have been solving creative problems in the Odyssey of the Mind program. Omers live in every corner of the world and include artists, executives, architects, engineers, and more.  OdysseyAlumni brings this community of creative thinkers together.





A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to all our officials, workers, board members, school coordinators, coaches, parents, team members, family, and friends! EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has a hand in making this a successful tournament year has VOLUNTEERED  hours of their time, and we cannot do it without them!


THANK YOU to River City Science Academy — Innovation, Bartram Trail Public Library, and especially Beachside High School for sharing their spaces with us throughout the year!

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